Dr. Elaine Kathryn McCreary B.A., M.A., Ed.D.

Elaine is a seasoned facilitator of programs for mid-life and mid- career professionals, for community animators and lifelong learners. As a mother of three and grandmother of four, she is constantly inspired to promote personal and social transformation. A far-thinking visionary, she brings audiences to see hidden potentials, leads them into synergy-producing activities, and shows them what is indeed within their grasp. The expansion of on-line learning now brings her talents within your reach.

Doctor of Education

  • Earned three degrees in 17 years through four universities
  • Design, delivery, evaluation and management of instruction and agency-level educational program planning
  • History, sociology, and philosophy of adult education movements in Euro-America and beyond
  • Self-directed information gathering by advocacy groups to develop strategic expertise
  • Fascinated with consciousness & the processes of learning
  • Intrigued by the information society and freedom to learn

Academic – tenured Associate Professor

  • Pioneered & researched on-line learning in the 1980’s
  • Designed & delivered graduate and undergraduate courses
  • Participated in 30 M.Sc. theses as chair, adviser, or examiner
  • Conducted research on topics of international development
  • Published 6 book chapters & monographs, 12 refereed papers, 30 technical reports, and 36 public addresses before reaching sabbatical.
  • On sabbatical transitioned to serve in a global, humanitarian agency

System Catalyst

  • Higher Education strategic planning, innovation, integration (Ontario)
  • Change-management & staff training for a multinational based overseas
  • Public service policy, allocations, provincial collaborations (B.C.)

International Teaching Experience

Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, Ireland, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Israel, Siberia, Hawaii, Philippines, Malaysia