Since 1998, Harvest Home has been promoting the idea that global citizens live and function in six fields of action.  To do that well, we will need to acquire or create new skills for each field.  In 2016, Harvest Home incorporated making it possible to reach out to you in a larger, interactive learning community.

Harvest programs and publications promise learning experiences that are consistently principle-based, pragmatic and empowering, enabling you to take more effective action and to enjoy a more meaningful daily life.

The essence of Harvest Home Lifelong Learning is:

A Vision of world citizens inspiring each other to action.

A Purpose to promote practical skills among world citizens.

A Method for reinventing lifelong learning focused on service.

A Motto with momentum: “Live to learn. Learn to live.

At the core of all these skill sets is the search for meaning and purpose in life.  The essence of all your work and interactions are the memories you bring home. From these memories you are drawing out meanings, and by the power of reflection creating your lifetime wine of wisdom and understanding.

As it is said: “May you reap the benefit of your life, in this world, and the next.”