Hello again friends,

We may have crossed paths many years ago in the long and winding roads of our lives and careers.  Or this may be the first time that we are intersecting in our global journeys.  Whatever the case, I want to thank you for exploring this site which captures in one elegant architecture many of the themes that have journeyed with me, spurring me on to raise these questions with you.

All that time, I was thinking of you, the ones who would read this, as I carried forward certain discoveries and heuristic treasures looking for ways to present them to you for whatever good you can find in them. Now at last, the means have appeared whereby we can share ideas in a global network while remaining in the localities where we live and serve.

This corporation, this site, and the materials rolling out here have been decades in the making, and it gives me great satisfaction to place them before you.  Please know that you are most welcome to participate in every theme that appeals to you and to make your own contributions to the culture of world citizenship that is emerging among us.

If you ever need to refer to a professional resume for me, you can find it here.

With warm regards, Elaine McCreary


Some innovators who have inspired me:

  • Christiane Amanpour – truthful, not neutral
  • Jane Jacobs – city life proponent
  • Barbara Ward – spaceship earth economist
  • Grö Harlem Brundtland – governance visionary
  • Clarissa Pinkola Estes – gender interpreter
  • Paul Hanley — ecology/agronomy advocate
  • Thomas Piketty – economic justice historian
  • Tony Robbins – cause the guy just never quits