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Life-Scan 101 launches on Udemy.com

Harvest Home proudly announces successful launch of Life-Scan 101:  Getting the Long View.  This is the first of six courses training you for life management and mastery.  The full series will concentrate your attention first on appreciating your present stage, next on upgrading practical aspects of your near future, and lastly on recording your earlier […]

The Next Level starts now

Life-Skills 201: Foundations and Life-Skills 202: Fulfilments.  These two on-line courses are now in the stages of scripting, illustrating and recording.  You already located  and enriched your present stage of life by applying ideas and insights found in Life-Scan 101 and 102.  Now the Foundations course will show you how to manage your life more […]

New course Life-Scan 102 focuses on Good Stuff

 Life-Scan 102: Gathering the Good Stuff is now with Advisory Panel participants who will be the first to see how this course adds enrichment to the longer life they discovered in Life-Scan 101.  It’s the perfect qualitative complement to the quantitative expansion of the first course.  Optional activities in this course logically map out 16 distinctive […]

Participant inputs enhance Life-Scan 101

Participant reactions during on-line trials have helped to refine and expand content items. Participants responded to front-end units about life and lifespan with a few more images of their own.  Those images have been woven into the content and have helped to differentiate process images and episodes from a comprehensive “whole life” model.  Other upgrades […]

Life-Scan 101 goes to Advisory Panel

Life-Scan 101:  Getting the Long View is now being evaluated on-line by an Advisory Panel. This course is the first in “Mapping Your Life” a six-part series on life management.  So far, the course has passed through stages of scripting, illustrating, and recording of its 18 lectures.  With colorful scenes, it teases your imagination to see […]

O7F – podcast publicity reaches ~10,000

Podcast publicity for “Our Seven Families” just released to an audience reaching ~10,000 listeners on the program called A Baha’i Perspective, which broadcasts out of Massachusetts, USA.  You can hear it at: http://www.bahaipodcast.com/archives.asp?pYrlD=2018

Corroborating Your Discoveries (Part 3 of 3)

In the first two parts of this three-part series, we examined the processes of scientific and spiritual search, and explored the steps necessary to accomplish both. But even when the process of search seems legitimate (valid), and it appears the findings should be accepted (credible), our rational soul tends to want more proof—despite the fact […]

Investigating Reality Systematically (Part 2 of 3)

In the first part of this series, we established that no sensible conversation about science and religion can take place if it bounces around between cosmological, theological, sociological and epistemological considerations. That first article addresses the knowledge-production process, which starts by comparing the type of search to expect (collective or independent); the kind of knowledge […]

Preparing Yourself to Explore Reality (Part 1 of 3)

Conversations about science and religion often fail to produce much enlightenment because the two topics are not of a comparable order. The topic of science concerns knowledge creation (epistemology) or the body of knowledge it produces (cosmology); while the topic of religion concerns belief systems (theology) and group behavior (sociology) To make progress in a […]

O7F – Print publicity reaches ~20,000

Print publicity for “Our Seven Families” (O7F) just reached an audience of ~20,000 via an interview published on BahaiBlog.net that asked about the personal journey of the author, the storyline of the seven worlds described, and the take-aways from this original work based on extracts from Sacred Writings. Find it for yourself at https://www.bahaiblog.net/?s=elaine+mccreary